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  • Our Products
    We believe in doing things the way nature intended. This means the health benefits of drinking Sheldon Creek Dairy milk make it the smart choice for you and your family.
    We are keeping milk in its natural form: Sheldon Creek Dairy milk is not homogenized, leaving milkfat globules intact to carry important nutrients like Vitamins A & D to the body. Our milk is enzyme-rich due to our pasteurization process, we heat the milk to 73 degrees celsius for just 16 seconds. These enzymes are crucial for digestion, as they assimilate nutrients into the body. Our process kills harmful bacteria, without harming enzymes. Since we leave our milk in its natural form any people who have had issues drinking milk or milk allergies have been able to drink our milk!

    Happy, Healthy Cows make the best milk: Our cows are fed crops grown right here on our own farms. They graze on pesticide and herbicide-free grass in warm months and receive hays, grasses, and silage grown on our own farms during snowy winter months.†

    Authentic Greek Yogurt: We start with fresh, whole, non-homogenized milk from our familyís dairy herd.†Next, we gently heat the milk and add live cultures. Then we mix in the all natural ingredients for our flavours (unless of course, you are eating our plain yogurt). †Then the yogurt is cooled, packaged, and shipped out to you! If it seems simple, itís because it is. Our yogurt is minimally processed.

    Our philosophy is to process milk in the most minimal way possible that is allowable. And, as it turns out, advances in medical technology demonstrate that food in its natural state is far healthier than highly processed foods, including milk!

    We promise to bring you the healthiest, most natural, and tastiest milk and yogurt possible!

  • The Milk Process
    Your milk comes from our small 50 cow herd at our family farm which is located a short 5 min walk from our plant.
    When the cows are milked, the milk travels through a pipe to the bulk tank which is like a big refrigerator. We then take our trailered bulk tank over to the farm and load it with delicious milk. Once it is brought over it is put into the raw milk tank then brought over to the pasteurizer to be pasteurized at 73įC for just 16 seconds, allowing us to deliver milk in a natural state. That means our milk not only tastes fresh, it is fresh. And because itís non-homogenized, the cream rises to the top and separates. We make all our products from this whole milk.

    While most milk undergoes homogenization, ours does not.
    Homogenization was developed simply to give milk a balanced consistency, eliminating the need to shake it before drinking. Milk in its natural state has a cream layer that floats to the top.
    Anyone who remembers milk before homogenization was common, will tell you that the cream is the best part! It gives milk a clean, full-bodied flavor and holds many of the essential nutrients!

    We choose not to homogenize because it changes the molecular structure of milk. In particular, it prevents the delivery of important nutrients to the body.

    Many of you may love the nostalgia of our glass bottles and seeing the cream line at the top, there are actually some very important reasons why our milk is sold in glass bottles. It prevents the absorption of unwanted chemicals from seeping into your milk and the thick glass bottles we use also keep milk cooler, adding to its freshness.

    Using glass bottles is also an extention of being stewards of our environment. Instead of further adding to landfills, we collect, sanitize and reuse our glass bottles. You only need to return them to any location that sells Sheldon Creek Dairy Milk, and youíll receive a deposit and the bottles will be picked up by our milk men and women to take back to our plant and reused.

    We are committed to providing fresh, wholesome foods to stores in our surrounding communities. In fact, we are so committed to this that we deliver our products in our own refer vans. Our drivers are specially trained in keeping our products at the perfect temperature 4 degree celcius to ensure the fullest shelf life as well as freshest taste.

  • The den Haan Family & Our Cows
    Sheldon Creek Dairy is built on the third generation Haanview farm nestled in the rolling hills of the Sheldon Valley. There is a long history of farming in the den Haan family.
    The farm is currently owned and operated by us, John and Bonnie den Haan and family. Johnís parents, Adrianus and Maartje immigrated to the Alliston area in Simcoe County from Holland following World War II. They arrived with five children and worked hard for three years in order to purchase their own farm.
    In 1953, Haanview Farms was established in the Sheldon Valley with the purchase of a cow named Maggie. This cow family makes up about one third of the Haanview herd that makes your milk today. In 1955, a sixth child arrived, John, born to be a Canadian farmer.
    We were married in 1982, and began farming together developing the Haanview herd. Our family grew to include Scott and Steacy, Andrew and Amanda, Marianne, Emily and grand-daughter Grace, all whom are very involved in the agricultural industry. We are very passionate about seeing agriculture in Canada succeed and educating others about what happens on the farm.
    Sheldon Creek Dairy was initiated after several members of the community expressed a desire to purchase whole milk from a local farm. The milk for the dairy comes from the Haanview herd that graze the lush pasture grass in the valley. We are proud to bring you the best milk and dairy products possible to your familyís table.

    Our Cows

    Our cows are part of our family. We believe our cows are the first step in making high quality healthy wholesome milk.

    All our cows have names and very detailed family trees. We started the herd with a cow named Maggie, a descendent of the original Maggie cow. She was Johnís first 4-H calf project and has helped develop the herd over the last 30 years. When we first started out Johnís brother, Harry also gave us a couple of cows and so the herd grew. Today there are five cow families in the herd, the Maggie family, the Dena Star family, the Ina family, the Plum family and the Alda family. We call each cow by name and work with them face to face everyday. Our cows graze on pastures from May until November. For the winter months they spend in the barn with a run out in the snow for a short time each day while we clean and bed up the barn. Come by the farm to see the cows at home, pick your favorite, see what they are fed, how they are milked it is a great chance to get to know who makes your milk!

  • Testimonials
    We would love to hear from you! Tell us what you think, send us an email to feedback@sheldoncreekdairy.ca
    I'm 64 years old, and have been lactose intolerant for nearly 50 years. Over the years, I lost my taste for milk. I decided to try to drink a large glass of Sheldon Creek Dairy whole milk and had no problems! I have started drinking milk again and have a new love for Sheldon Creek Dairy milk! You folks should be darned proud to make such a fine product.
    Darryl Loretto, ON

    Wow. I am sitting here in front of one of your bottles of chocolate milk that I bought at the store!!! wow. that is all I can say. congratulations - I am proud of you guys. great product, great look. looking forward to celebrating with you.
    Milena, Guelph ON

    Just had some of your great milk. We love the glass bottles it reminds my wife and I when we lived in PEI and remember when we would arrive home to have the fridge already full of the glass bottled milk! Great memories, thank you for bringing it back!!!
    Troy, Alliston ON

    Thank you for allowing us to bring our party to your farm this weekend. The kids and us had a great time and they were just exhausted after! You had several nice surprises, including the tricycles, face painting, and drawing for the kids. It was very much appreciated! It was a great learning experience for everyone!
    Sally and Martin, Alliston ON

    I enjoyed the article in "The Star". I was one of the many thousands who went to your grand opening and have been enjoying your products (white whole milk, yogurt, cheese curds) ever since. I think I am in love with your cows! Good health to the ladies, don't let anything happen to them!. Just wanted to touch bases with you. Best of prosperity to you all. Never stop.
    Debbie, Orillia, ON

    I just recently purchased you milk for the first time and I love it! It is the first time I had cream on top milk. I'm only 34 and have never seen that before. I'm sold on your milk and will continue to purchase it. Thanks for selling a quality natural product. I will definitely tell others about you!
    Lisa, Barrie ON

    I love your milk and the delicious cream on top..its the only milk I'll drink. I drive up to get my milk on the weekends from Toronto. I believe in buying local food. WE ALL MUST SUPPORT THE FAMILY FARM! AND SMALL BUSINESS! which is why I was driving so far and would continue to do so if I have to.
    Yvonne, Toronto ON

    It is the best around ! Not only have we become regular drinkers we have also taken the kids to the farm to see the cows, and watch their milk get processed! Everyone needs to see this unique Agricultural experience.
    Natalie, Tottenham ON

    Wow, Sheldon Creek Dairy Milk tastes like the milk I used to drink as a kid in England. I have missed the rich creamy taste of real milk. I have had to train myself to drink the homogenized. It wasnít until I tried your milk that I realize how tasteless other quality milks were. Thanks, great quality product.
    Emily, Newmarket ON

    I just bought your milk for the first time recently and WOW is it good. Thanks for selling such great milk!
    Bryan, Everett ON

    I just wanted to say that my kids and I love your milk. It's old fashioned and tastes like milk should. A friend of mine got me hooked on it. Your milk is a treat for us! Thank you for your product!
    Liindsay, Lafountaine, ON

    I had intended to write some time ago but "stuff" kept getting in the way. You nailed it! All other commercial yogurts pale in comparison! It is not too sweet like the store bought stuff! A job well done, what's next?
    Debra Sept 18, Borden ON

    I was looking for a high quality whole milk for making my own mozzarella cheese. I have a wood fired oven and make my own pizza. I like to do everything from scratch from building my own oven, making my own bread and making my own cheese. I am so lucky to have found Sheldon Creek Dairy. Their milk is good for any dairy products and cooking. A healthy dynamic culinary product.
    Steve August 9 Hamiton, ON

    Thanks a bunch for taking the time on Saturday, to give me a tour of the barn, meet the cows, and learn a few things about your farm. It's a great place to be. I love your fresh milk especially the chocolate milk. I'll be back.
    Al Oakville, ON

    Hi, I was recently looking for all natural non homogenized milk and I stumbled upon yours at my local Daves Butcher Shop in Orangeville. I did not think I could find it anywhere around where I live so when I found your milk i was very happy. After tasting your whole milk I will never drink processed homogenized milk again. Thanks for providing natural milk that taste unbelievably good!
    Marlene, Orangeville, ON

    Oh my goodness! Your chocolate milk is to die for! :) And I enjoyed a delicious dish of ice cream. Keep up the good work and please keep bringing your products over to the Caledon area.
    Roger, Caledon East ON

    Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I feel your chocolate milk is the best we have ever had and we love chocolate milk.
    We have tried many brands, but none compares to yours.
    Plus, I love the milk bottle. and your branding.
    Carla, Midhurst, ON

    I was just checking out your website, and wanted to drop a line and say your milk is the best- I've been buying it from Nature's Emporium, and the quality is just miles above your average supermarket milk. Keep up the good work.
    Daniel, Newmarket, ON

    I just wanted to tell you guys that I saw your glass bottle milk the other day and bought one. Milk like I remember it. The best ever! I'm switching permanently! My family is hooked on your chocolate milk. It's delicious.
    Mary, Collingwood ON.

    It was great speaking with you at the show yesterday. I had my family taste your milk last night, with an overall consciences. Best milk they've tasted in a long time. Wish you great success.
    Don Marino
    Darryl Loretto, ON

    I have been purchasing your bottled milk from The Innisfil Farmer's Market every Thursday. I love it !!!!!
    Felisia Sideco, Innisfil, ON

    I have been telling people at work all about your farm and milk, and they all wanted to try it. So I stopped at Rock Garden this morning to grab a few bottles to bring in, and they were all sold out.
    I was told it is flying off the shelves there and they canít keep enough in. I just wanted to share that with you because I thought that was great to hear.
    Melanie Caledon, ON

    Once again a big thank you for last night. I am sure I can speak for everyone in saying we had a fantastic time. You, John and family should be very proud of the operation you have built. Everything from your facilities to your end products are top notch and your contribution as ambassadors of our industry is invaluable. As well you kindness and hospitality are second to none.
    Best wishes and continued success.
    Dan Kolb, Caledon

    I just have to say, you stand for everything I look for when it comes to milk and the environment, not homogenized, and you reuse the glass bottles. Your milk is the only milk I will drink!
    Mark, Newmarket, ON

    You have the best whole milk that i have ever tasted! I love the cream on the top! Thanks so much for such a wonderful product.
    Rachel Caedon ON

    I have a friend from Alliston who will only drink your milk!!!!!! Anyway, I wanted to say that I so much appreciate your dedication to producing and offering people a natural, healthy product; it means a lot. I am glad I can get it from Garden Foods!
    Casey , Bolton ON

    I just tried your whole milk and loved that "the cream rises to the top! It immediately reminded me of when I was a child, and my grandmother's milk deliveryman would arrive with milk in glass bottles with a paper stopper. It was delicious, and yours is just like the milk I remember.
    Janine , Schomburg, ON

    I tried your milk and it tasted like what I use to enjoy in Europe. I love that the cream rises to the top. I have been here for 8 years already and couldn't find milk like that and now I finally have. I would love to try butter also because I miss butter from back home. Everything here is much different. Thank you.
    Andrej Mississauga, ON

    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you do not homogenize your milk and that you use the glass bottles! I am 73 years old and I loved getting our milk from the milkman with the cream on top. In the winter it would freeze and stick to the cap and I am just so thankful that you continue to leave your milk non-homogenized. Plus, it is so much healthier!
    Karen, Hockley Valley, ON

    I was so surprised when I opened a bottle of your whole milk.. I started to pour...nothing...I thought there must be an inner seal...no it was CREAM!!!!
    You don't know how happy you made an old lady...this is what I've been telling my son about for years...milk the way I knew it as a child! You have a customer for life.
    Daphna, Midland, ON

    Just wanted to let you know, my family loves your milk!!! It is worth the money for a quality product. I drive a 1/2 hour to the store just to buy it.
    Leanne, Acton, ON

    Really enjoyed the Open House on Saturday. I gave a couple of bottles of Sheldon Creek milk to Tania our nutritionist and she really enjoyed it. Who needs a chocolate milkshake when you've got great Sheldon Creek Dairy chocolate milk.
    Steve, Guelph, ON

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