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Use this form for any new products that you would like to have co-packed at Sheldon Creek Dairy. Once examined, this will be used to determine the feasibility, final recipe, costing and other production parameters for the proposed product.
Every new product/sample request is subject to examination to see if the recipe will and can work based on ingredients and processes. New product development and sample production will be quoted based on complexity, ingredients and direct materials (if taken from SCD stock), equipment usage and labour involvement. If any certifications are requested (ie. Organic, etc.) additional premiums may be included. 
Please note: New product prototypes are usually made at a bench-top level based on the small production size. Pricing for new products are subject to change, if approved and sent through for a proper scaled production run in the future. You will be provided with estimated pricing based on the prototypes and assumptions on scaling those to production batch sizes. Final and confirmed pricing and feasibility will be determined once a true production scale run is completed. 
If multiple new products/samples are being requested, please submit a separate form for each recipe independently to avoid confusion. 
Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for review and confirmation of new product/sample request, along with estimated date to be provided for a sample delivery.
Please fill out this form as clearly and completely as possible. Any questions should be directed to

Form 3 - New Product / Sample Request

If applicable, SCD requires a comparative product submission that is currently on the market for ease of re-creation of certain features best described in product sampling, like texture, colour, flavours, etc. Example: New product being requested is a greek yogurt. Provided is a sample of Astro Greek Yogurt with the texture and flavour profile that is being sought after.

Thank you for submitting your New Product / Sample Request. You will receive a confirmation of receipt and next steps once we receive and review.

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