Our family has been raising Shorthorns for 3 generations. Originated in northeastern England, Shorthorns are known for producing excellent marbling and the highly sought after flavour and texture - we know you’ll love it!


Our naturally raised animals roam our pastures and eat a vegetation diet consisting of Timothy and Alfalfa grasses/hay complemented with high quality corn. All our animals spend their spring, summer, and autumns outdoors on pasture, and spend winters with access to the barns. All meat is aged for a minimum of 10 days, guaranteeing it is full of flavour.   


Our beef is butchered in a provincially inspected, local, & family owned butcher shop where it is cut & wrapped and frozen. 

All beef is sold directly at our farm store. Come and see our selection in the main freezer.

Questions? Give us a call at 705 434-0404