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Thank you for your interest in Sheldon Creek Dairy's Co-Packing Services.
Please fill out the below inquiry questionnaire with as much detail as you can. We will receive your form and should their be interest or compatibility in furthering a discussion, you will be contacted to expand in detail on your inquiry. Please allow a minimum of a full business week for review and communication. 
Thank you for your interest and submission, we look forward to speaking to you if there exists potential in working together on your project!
Take the next step on your food journey and ask about our services and how we might work together. Please fill out the inquiry form below and tell us about yourself and your product or project. 
Due to a high number of inquiries, please allow for up to 1 business week for response.


Form A - Public Interest Questionnaire

What products would you like to have co-packed at Sheldon Creek Dairy? (select all that apply if multiple options exist)
What stage of development is your project/product?
Where have you made your product to date? (check all that apply)
Where are your products currently being sold? (Check all that apply)
Are you currently selling any other products?
What form does your product take? (Check all that apply)
What is your expected timeline on a product launch?

Thank you for submitting your Initial Inquiry Form. Once we review your submission, we will determine if we see potential in exploring a working relationship and will reach out for more information.

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